Why is CrossFit addictive?

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Why is CrossFit addictive?

If you know someone who practises Crossfit already You must have heard this person say that Crossfit is absolutely addictive and That there’s nothing better. Who makes CrossFit usually talk about this modality with a Very great enthusiasm and it’s in fact impossible not to vibrate when someone tells you That Crossfit changed his life.

Now I’ve given myself to think about this whole CrossFit be addictive, and why this happens. It will be the fact that training Always be different and can be adapted for any person to be Can do? It will be the fact that there are different classes that allow to improve Certain skills like gymnastics or weightlifting? It will be the fact that coaches are incredibly concerned with providing us with the best training, the Better conditions and better care to become better athletes? It will be that we know that we will end up doing burpees for any Reason the coach decides and we still go?

Yes, the Truth is that all this makes Crossfit addictive, but I have no doubts that That which brings us back and fails to be without this modality are the People and friendships that are created. Speaking for me, yes I love to train and Challenge me, but the truth is that it’s the relationships I’ve been creating over Of these years that motivate me even more to get up from bed at 6 A.M. and Go finish me on the floor of our box.

I love coaching is a fact but I love it even more do it Alongside friends, alongside people who care about each other, who Send messages when you miss asking if it’s okay, that they get you from Open arms when you come on vacation and say you were already homesick, or That simply give you that genuine smile when you still come to sleep to The training. Is that what you know? This is exactly what makes CrossFit absolutely Addictive, are the people who train side by side as equals, who help each other, Who never let anyone stand behind and celebrate your achievements as If they were theirs, it makes the CrossFit in such a beautiful mode.

Because yes it’s spectacular to lift too much weight Or make pins worthy of a photo for Instagram, it’s spectacular to get Make a Muscle Up for the first time and beat Records in Snatch, but all this It gets even more spectacular when around you have people who feel those Victories in the same way as you. 

And that’s exactly why when they ask me Opinion about which modality to practice to lose weight, to gain mass Muscle or simply to practice some physical activity I suggest Always the CrossFit, because the truth is that in addition to training be very Complete, the environment that lives in the box is so special and fun that everything Rest you have as objective turns out to happen naturally next to People who are much more than a simple number.

They are strangers who quickly pass to acquaintances, with whom they suffer side by side, who knows the name and who gradually become friends. Friends of sweat, of victories, of some frustration and of much but very companionship.

Deena De Silva


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