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Vânia Duarte

CrossFit Black Edition

Vânia Duarte

Hi, I'm Vânia, I'm 33 years old, I work as a Web Designer, I'm the author of a blog, a volunteer in an animal association and a Yoga student. 

Among my many passions is Crossfit. After getting upset with the gym and when I thought I wasn't going to find any physical activity that would fill my measurements, I discovered Crossfit and that's why I started practicing regularly in 2016 in Lisbon, until the day the Black Edition opened and I I became one of the first people to open our house. 

As I am a total "morning person" I train at 7 am with a completely absurd energy. I love hanging around and maybe that's why I have a greater love relationship with the bars and rings, but I don't say no to a good squat. 

I take myself very little seriously at Crossfit, I was already very competitive but age and some injuries taught me that what matters is to enjoy, and that is why I laugh a lot at myself in training but always with the permission that “only I stop at the end and with all the reps done ”. 

I consider myself passionate about Crossfit with little talent for the thing but a lot of desire to improve every day. And for me this is enough for me to be happy. 

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