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Synergy 1:1 Coaching

Synergy 1:1 Online Coaching

Trying to remain positive and optimistic during times of crisis can be a challenge, but it is crucial for your mental well-being and immune system to do so. This hinderances caused by the mandatory Lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll on even those with the sunniest dispositions, and it is hard to remain positive! To stay positive in the face of; isolation, dystopian and constant news about the virus, possible loss of income, social distancing, communal grief, uncertainty, and gripping fear, requires conscious effort and continuous mindfulness.  

Many studies over the years depict a correlation between overall health and optimism. In contrast some may argue that it is good health and well-being that make a person optimistic and positive, not optimism and good health that is keeping them positive. Regardless, it is not a great leap to claim optimists are happier than pessimists, and happiness is better for your overall health, well-being and general mood than being unhappy. This said, it is paramount during today’s pandemic that our mood is a priority. We should remain constructive during times of the unknown, calm, navigate through difficulties and source a path towards making the best version of ourselves.

Here at Synergy 1:1 online-coaching we are here to assist in this process. We will be in contact everyday to offer guidance, pointers and practises to work on your weaknesses. We will keep you motivated, on track, positive and improve your positive outlook. Here are a few things we think are key to remaining optimistic and that you can start today:

  1. Begin the day with a positive outlook. Daily routines are important in any event, but during times of crisis this structure is essential. Try not to look/reach for your phone as soon as you wake up and procrastinating about worrying news whist still in bed. Take a breath and a few minutes to fill your head with your goals for the day, set a target (maybe learn something new) – and smile! Always try to see a positive and be grateful. Focus on the small things that make you happy; home, health, family, friends and momentary pleasures, like your first cup of coffee or a funny Facebook story.
  2. Slow down. Don’t rush, there is no need to hurry right now. A benefit to self isolation is the ability to pace yourself and let go of any usual anxieties. Try to be in the present, focus on mindfulness and learning to control your thoughts, expectations and mental strength. Everything has a productive perspective, so learn how to deal with your worries and strife by breaking your problem into manageable and solvable parts.
  3. Exercise. This should be a daily part to your normal routine, and now even more so. Our coaches will give you a personalised plan with a mix of bodyweight HIIT, mobility (or yoga) and cardio training. It is essential for your immunity and mental health to increase those endorphins and keep moving.
  4. Relax your body. Check-in on your muscles regularly; if you’re tensing up your jaw, shoulders, frowning just try to breathe and relax. Make a habit of doing quick body scans throughout the day. From head to toe, be aware of your muscles, your breathing and your body.
  5. Utilise, create and nurture your digital Community. Just because social distancing is mandatory, it does mean our friends and family are out of reach. Technology allows for the entire World to have access to group chats, video calling and to even attend virtual parties and our live gym classes, all of which we should be grateful. Check-in on others too! If you are feeling lonely, isolated and a little down, imagine how others feel. Spread a little positivity and joy with your nearest and dearest by setting up a daily video-call, to share a cup of teased chat, or a 20 minute online workout session (there is a whole library of workouts on our YouTube channel).

If you would like to book a 20 minute taster video-call to talk about our options, please get in touch.

If you would like to learn more about our Synergy 1:1 Online Coaching then please visit

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