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And if I can not?

CrossFit Black Edition

And if I can not?

There are two very funny things that Crossfit has taught me over the past 3 years, the first was to stop saying that I couldn't do one thing and the second is that when we lack natural talent for things, we have to work twice as hard. 

And this second one can be boring, but it is a great truth. I have been doing Crossfit for 3 years, before doing it I spent years in gyms and despite having arrived at Crossfit already with a good training pace, I found myself at various times feeling very incapable of performing certain movements and to think that I would never be able to do such a thing in my life, and whenever that happened, I was very discouraged. 

Now what has changed you ask? Mindset without a doubt. 

The truth is that we are not all the same, we do not have the same strength or the same talent to make pins, but all of us with work and dedication can go further even if it takes longer and it is exactly this mindset that you need to internalize when you see one movement in a WOD that you still can't do. 

It's still a word I use a lot. I still can't do Ring Muscle Ups, but I have on my list that I want to be able to do them by the end of the year, so I work for them daily. Just as I couldn't make Toes to Bar, but after getting into my head in early 2019 that I was going to make it, I started working on them daily after the WOD and today after the end of 2 months I already do 10 straight without effort. It is still a word I use a lot for myself and I use it a lot when I hear colleagues say they can't do one thing. 

The way you face challenges is what determines your success, after all, we are not all born with the same skills, but we are all born with the ability to change our mindset and to face challenges not as impossible things but as things which we don’t do yet, but in the future we may be able to. 

Asks for help, there is nothing wrong with that. Be it to your coaches or your colleagues, if there is a movement that you still can't make, talk to those who can and ask for help, don't be ashamed. And as I write this, I remember my dear 7 am colleague Sónia Dinis, who every day after the WOD asks for help from one or two colleagues to do the handstand, and if at the beginning she needed help to hold her your legs, now you just need that moral support next door. And this shows that when you decide that you are going to get something, you can do it.  

So, whenever there is that WOD with exercises that you don’t like, it’s exactly that you can’t miss, whenever there’s that workout that you can’t finish, it’s the one that you have to be proud of because it allows you to understand where you have to work harder and always that there is a movement that you couldn’t make and now you have to celebrate as if there’s no tomorrow, because Crossfit is also jumping from happiness whenever the word is still replaced by what’s already with you. 

Crossfit has taught me a lot, but one of the most incredible is that you are capable of everything you commit to, so the next time you go to train, leave the I can't do it at home, internalize it with all your might and it works, because whenever you do you are much closer to your goals.

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