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Train like a girl

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Train like a girl

Do you know that expression "Don't be a girl", which was used a lot when a boy cried? Whenever I think of her and look at the women in our stall, I feel like laughing. 

The box has women who train like the guy, that's the truth. Of course, there are also men to give her a lot, but today I will be really biased towards girls because damn it, there are times when I really open my mouth with the feminine fiber that exists. And why do I say this?

First because we women are known to be a bit mean to each other, but I don’t know if it’s Crossfit that does this, all the women I have the pleasure of starting training at 7 am are not only amazing, but true partners of struggle, sweat and pain and that is why while training there are two things that characterize me.

First of all, I say a lot of blunders under my breath, except if I'm doing double unders and getting lashed, then there's a really high "F". Second, I have the habit of pulling on my partners while I am suffering, and I do this first, because resting is only at the end (ahahah) and then because I know that there are times when a “you can do it” really makes a difference in motivation. 

And this happens in a genuine way, because the companionship that exists between us makes each one vibrate with the success of the others. 

Then, regardless of whether there are women who crouch there with weight on their backs to make them envious, I don't feel that there is competition from “she raises more than I do”. On the contrary, there is a lot of help so that each one of us at his own pace is able to keep evolving. I am more of the “walking team hanging from bars and rings” I have immense pleasure in helping my partners to succeed and I assure you that it gives me immense joy when one of them shares that they arrived with their feet to the bar for the first time. 

Because this is fiber, it is resilience and it is to believe until the end. It is above all true and genuine companionship, you know?

So, when I think of the expression I told you about "don't be a girl", I can't help thinking of Fernanda Zimmermann who trained pregnant with a huge belly. Now I, who sometimes complain that the bar is heavy, when I think of Fernanda crouching with double weight, I just feel like saying but what a great woman. And this is what Crossfit does, it strengthens our strength, challenges our ability to believe that we can't do it anymore and inspires us to be better by bringing different people together in the same space. Basically, Crossfit turns amazing people into exceptional people.

What Crossfit teaches me every day is that being a girl is not being weaker, slower or less talented. To be a girl is to be determined, to kick excuses and show up to train. It is having days when I don't believe in myself and I have other girls pulling me in and having so many other days when I feel that this is exactly the activity that fills me. It is to refine and do. It's almost like crying and ending. 

The truth is that I don't know all the women in the box, but I do know that Diana with her resilience, Mariane with her monster strength, Maria with her desire to overcome herself daily, Ni with her calm in training , Catarina with the most perfect pins, Sónia with a great conscience in each WOD, Paula always with great determination, coach Patrícia with incredible energy, Juliana who always opens my mouth or Raili who shows that Crossfit is really for everyone, are some of the women who inspire me and show daily the pride that it is to “train like a girl”. 

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