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This Crossfit thing

CrossFit Black Edition

This Crossfit thing

I confess, there are times when I look at the WOD and wonder why the hell did I get into this Crossfit thing. And no, there are so few times when I think that what is written on the board is going to be impossible to do. But despite these inner struggles, there is something that keeps me going to the box day after day at 7 am. Yes, you read well, 7 in the morning. 

I have tried to find a great reason to continue to "suffer" in this way and I realized that there is not one reason, but several that make this Crossfit one of the most important parts of my life. Maybe it's the family I train with early in the morning, and no, it's not an exaggeration to call them family because at 7 in the morning they are always the same guys who daily experience all together and for the first time the training of the day. We are a kind of guinea pigs, we are the first of the day to sweat, cry, scream, laugh and feel this absurd and epic sensation that the end of a WOD gives us. 

Yes, we are family, because daily we train side by side, we support each other and we vibrate with the achievements of our partners, either because they arrived with their feet on the bar for the first time, or because a Double Under came out in the middle of 100 lashes on the back or because we do a Snatch of those that leave the coach loaded with pride. 

Perhaps it is also that beautiful thing called overcoming, which leads us to realize that we are capable of much more than what we imagine and here I really praise the work of coaches, because without them none of this would make sense, especially when they believe more in us than than ourselves. And I, who am the queen of lack of confidence, become an uncontrolled child when I realize that I have effectively overcome myself on the floor of our box. Why yes, this feeling of being able to do something, when your head tells you no and your coach tells you that yes it is simply unbelievable and addictive too. 

And I believe this is another reason why I love this Crossfit thing, because all of this is addictive, not only overcoming, but the feeling of afterwards, the one where I fall to the floor and I feel that it may have cost, I may even have doubted if I could but whatever WOD was I gave it my all. And there is no better feeling in the world than knowing that it is in RX or Scaled there on that floor we are all the same.

The truth is just one, I still don't know why I wake up every day at sinful hours to end up on the floor of our box, but I know that every time I do it I end up much happier than when I woke up and that's enough me to continue to fall in love daily with this Crossfit thing ☺

Vânia Duarte

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