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8 reasons why you should try CrossFit

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8 reasons why you should try CrossFit

Many people wonder about CrossFit. Usually people look at what happens inside a 'CrossFit Box' and think that it is too difficult for them or that they do not have the skills to do so, some may even be intimidated. To demystify these concepts here we leave 8 reasons why everyone should try CrossFit.

1.      You'll meet new people.

One of the first things you will notice as soon as you enter a 'CrossFit Box' is its sociable environment, people chatting before and after classes where everyone knows each other. Everyone there is started somewhere and everyone created a common mentality and goal, the love for the sport. A CrossFit Box is not like an ordinary gym where most people do their training and do not speak to anyone, here you will belong to something else, to a community, here no one will be indifferent to you.

2. Workouts will leave your body and mind guessing.

Doing the same type of training and routines every day in the gym will not give you the necessary stimulation to make you better athletes, stronger, faster, healthier. Your body has the ability to adapt to stimuli whatever they may be, your body will become more efficient. The CrossFit programming by definition is constantly varied in order to continuously create different stimuli every day. This fact will bring benefits both physically and mentally as it will never be boring.

3. You will build lasting healthy habits.

You may be thinking that this is just a type of training that you will experience, but in reality you will embrace a new lifestyle. People, when they catch the CrossFit pet, quickly realize the benefits, start notoriously getting better nutrition, better sleep, more focus on work and generally happier. Practitioners start to make better choices related to their health and well-being, suddenly CrossFit classes are already mandatory and do not exchange them for anything in this world, there are no excuses for not going to train, there are only excuses for going to train more .

4. CrossFit improves your body composition.

According to the authors of a January 2017 study published in Journal of Diabetes Researchhigh intensity training has much more impact on reducing fat mass than aerobic training. In a CrossFit program the emphasis is on high intensity training, in each training you will work at high levels of relative and purposeful intensity for short or long periods. This type of training has proven to be extremely effective in body composition of all practitioners, and this is not only scientifically supported, but also seen daily in 'CrossFit Boxes'.

5. CrossFit workouts are scalable.

Just because you don't do a 200 kg Muscle up or Deadlift does not mean that you are not able to do CrossFit, on the contrary, in reality even if you do not do a push-up or squat, you can and should start doing CrossFit. For each exercise / training done in our schedule there are several scalable options for all types of capacity, skill and or limitation. The fun of the sport is to see the high level athlete and the athlete who was sedentary 20 years ago and who started a week ago at CrossFit in the same class and realize that both are having positive results in their shared fitness the same training.

6. CrossFit builds mental and physical confidence.

Challenging our physical and mental abilities is part of the daily regime in a CrossFit program, the ability to overcome and challenge ourselves every day is definitely one of our benefits. In the gym we tend to stay in our comfort zone and do only the exercises / routines we like and are good at and avoid what we don't like. In our classes the challenges are constant and we all have to do everything we like and what we like less, with systematic practice you will develop strength, not only physically, but mentally. In an extreme case when compared to strength training, their training makes them mentally strong and capable of performing arduous tasks, CrossFit in another context provides the same experience.

7. CrossFit is always professionally monitored.

Due to its methodology and advanced technical level, the accompaniment of a Coach is mandatory, all classes are led by one or two Coach's, this aims to help athletes evolve and progress in a safe and fun environment. This also has the function of motivating athletes in all training sessions. These are one of the keys to the success of the sport, as well as your success.

8. It's just fun!

CrossFit is not the boring gym, what was the last time you climbed the rope or did a handstand? Most adults from an early age who do none of this, in each class athletes find themselves jumping into boxes, throwing balls, running and climbing, etc. It interprets a box as a playground for adults, accompanied by certified professionals who challenge and support us every moment. This whole experience is accompanied by an extremely fun community, that's what makes CrossFit a successful modality and a unique experience. '

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