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5 Reasons why you should do strength training.

5 Reasons why you should do strength training.

If you want to have bigger Biceps or have a belly with a Six Pack, strength training will be essential to achieve these goals. However, strength gains are not limited to increased muscle mass, this type of training helps you to improve the quality of life in multiple areas since you have a greater resilience to external factors. I believe it is common sense, but the acquisition of a higher performance in the practice of sports necessarily involves this specific work.  

To this day, the myth of not doing strength training for fear of being with the body of a bodybuilder is still very much. I challenge all readers to try 90 days of a hypertrophy program to see what the real results of this type of work are.

Here are the 5 reasons supported by the scientific community for doing strength work at least 3 times a week:

1. Strength increase.

This is an obvious result of strength training. Muscular strength is crucial for carrying out daily tasks, such as carrying children, carrying shopping bags, taking clothes off the machine, changing a car tire, climbing a stairwell. We take it for granted that our strength levels will remain as we age, however we know that, there is a decrease in muscle mass every decade after the age of 25.

Doing workouts with lighter weights is certainly a good way to increase the resistant strength at the muscle level, but if the goal is to build a good level of strength that relates to the challenges of our day-to-day, they should add exercises compounds such as squats, deadweight and strokes.

2.Reduction of the risk of injury.

Having an amount of muscle covering our skeleton is important for all types of activities. According to the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, a weak muscle puts stress on the tendons that cling to the skeleton. In other words, the risk of joint damage is much higher.  

Strength training by increasing the progressive load increases the diameter of the collagen fibrils in the tendons. In other words, a strength training program implemented effectively and safely is really the solution for preventing and often curing joint problems. In other words, a strength training program implemented effectively and safely is really the solution for preventing and often curing joint problems.

3. Fat reduction.

When people incorporate strength training into their training routine, they not only burn calories, but also increase lean mass, which stimulates metabolism. Muscle mass is a determining factor for increasing the Basal Metabolic Rate, in other words, how many calories my body consumes daily to maintain physiological functions. This fat reduction not only helps to reduce body weight and maintain a more toned body, but also reduces the levels of visceral fat that is located in the organs. From an indirect force we are fighting a range of diseases such as diabetes, metabolic diseases and cancer.

4. Better Cardiovascular Health.

Taking into account the point above it is easy to see that, our heart becomes healthier if it has not filled with fat mass. But the heart is not only a vital organ, but also a muscle that can and should be work. How do we do it? Simple, through interval training in which we force the heart to reach higher intensity peaks and to recover conveniently between intervals. It is known that this type of work helps to reduce cardiac events as well as lowering blood pressure.

5. Increases mood levels

Strength training increases overall energy levels and improves mood states by releasing specific endorphins. This hormonal increase positively influences our emotional state to carry out the most arduous tasks of daily life.


This methodology should be added to all types of training routines which will help people in their specific sports to improve their times and performance capacities and above all will give greater longevity and quality of life in the long run.

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