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Why should I wait any longer? Enter the CrossFit Black Edition to discover the best version of yourself! Our Box is founded on a solid base of community, wisdom and knowledge, trust and empathy. Train in a positive environment with a group of motivated, well-disposed, non-judgmental people ... rely only on support and maximum encouragement. Trust our experienced Programming and Coaches that allows you to embrace and achieve your goals, making full progress in your abilities. Our schedule is adaptable in order to fully adapt to your skills, so that you will always be challenged and be an efficient, effective and fun training! Over time, you will notice your strength and resistance improve. It is the awareness of winning its best version. You'll earn a lot more with CrossFit Black Edition than you could ever imagine! Togetherness, fitness, confidence, tenacity and a lifestyle that can lead you to a much more fulfilling life. We just need you to come and experience that we take care of the rest.

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